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Project Makeover Game Status (February 2024)

If you're experiencing difficulties with the Project Makeover game, the issue might be related to your device or internet connectivity. Should you believe the game is the culprit, kindly provide a detailed description of the problem, and a community member might offer guidance. While you await feedback, consider attempting these troubleshooting measures.

App Name Project Makeover
App Category Games
Developer Magic Tavern, Inc.
Relase Date 15 November 2020, Sunday
Last Update 04 February 2024, Sunday
Compatibility IOS 12.0 or later

Common Project Makeover App Problems and Troubleshooting Steps

Android, iOS, or macOS operating system users may encounter a problem where an app will display a black screen for a few seconds before crashing, with or without an error message. However, there are a few methods you can try to fix this issue:

  1. Sometimes, this problem may be caused by a temporary loading issue. To fix this, go to the recent applications menu on your phone, usually accessed by the first left button, and close the app that is experiencing the issue. Then, re-open the app.
  2. If that doesn't work, try doing a hard reboot of your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android device by simultaneously pressing and holding the "Home" and "Power" buttons for up to 10 seconds, then release them and hold the "Power" button until the screen turns on. After that, try opening the app again.
  3. If none of the above solutions work, another option is to wait for the phone battery to drain and turn off automatically. After that, charge the phone and turn it on and try opening the app again.
  4. If the problem persists, you may need to uninstall and re-install the game. Re-installing the app will restore all settings.
  5. If the app still does not work, you can try installing older versions of the app.

My Project Makeover game wont load or not working properly (loading error / server error / connection error / screen freeze / ping problem)

There are a number of reasons why a mobile app may experience loading issues. Some common causes include:

  1. The Project Makeover app server may be experiencing downtime, which can cause loading issues. Try accessing the app again after a few minutes.
  2. Your wifi or mobile data connection may not be working properly, which can affect the app's ability to load. Make sure your connection is stable.
  3. There may be too many users accessing the app at the same time, causing a slowdown. In this case, try accessing the app again after a few minutes when usage may be lower.

I'm having Project Makeover login issue or account related issues

If you are experiencing issues with logging in or with your account, please take the following steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Check if the Project Makeover server is down, as this can cause login and account issues. If so, try logging in again after a few minutes.
  2. Verify that your wifi or mobile data connection is working properly.
  3. Ensure that you are using the correct login credentials. Double check the details you are entering.
  4. If you're logging in using a third-party service like Facebook, Twitter, or Google, check to make sure that the service is functioning properly by visiting its official website.
  5. If you see error message, check if your account has been banned or deactivated.

I have Project Makeover game installation issues

There seems to be some issues with the installation of the Project Makeover app. To resolve this, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your wifi or internet connection is stable.
  2. Verify that you have enough storage space on your mobile device. A lack of sufficient space may prevent the app from being installed.
  3. Check that the version of the MacOS, IOS or Android operating system on your device is compatible with the version of the app you are trying to install.
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My Project Makeover game is not updating properly in my phone

In order to ensure that you are able to update the Project Makeover app, please take the following steps:

  1. Verify that your wifi or mobile data connection is functioning properly. If the connection is down, it may prevent the app from updating.
  2. Make sure that your phone has enough storage space to download the updates. If there is not enough space, it may prevent the app from updating.

Audio/video loading problem with Project Makeover

If you are experiencing audio problems while using a phone, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Verify that the volume on your phone is not turned down or muted.
  2. Try using headphones to determine if the problem is with the phone's speakers or with the app itself.

If you are having trouble with videos loading, some potential solutions include:

  1. Checking your internet speed and wifi connectivity to ensure that you have a stable connection.
  2. Make sure that your phone has enough storage space to download the videos.
  3. Check if the app is compatible with your operating system version.
  4. Check that your phone is not running on low-power mode.

Project Makeover game notifications are not working properly

If you are not receiving notifications for the Project Makeover app, you can check the app's notification settings by following these steps:

  1. Go to the "Apps" section on your device. Locate the "Project Makeover" app.
  2. Check the notification settings to see if they are enabled. If they are not, please enable them.
  3. If you are not getting notification sounds, make sure that the app's notification sound is not accidentally muted.

I have issues with Project Makeover game points/score updates

  1. It is possible that thousands or millions of users are playing the Project Makeover game at the same time, which can cause delays in updating scores or points. In this case, it is best to be patient and check back after some time to see if the points have been updated.
  2. If the points still have not been updated, you can try closing or logging out of the app and logging back in. This can sometimes help refresh the game's connection and update the points.
  3. If none of the above steps resolve the issue, you can contact the developer of the Project Makeover game for further assistance. Provide a brief description of the problem and, if possible, attach some screenshots that demonstrate the issue you are experiencing. This can help the developer understand and address your issue more quickly.

Project Makeover game level / lives are not updating or suddenly decreased

Similar to points, concurrent user load on the server can also cause delays in updating levels in the Project Makeover game. When too many players are accessing the game at the same time, it can slow down the server's processing of data, which may delay updates to a player's level or lives. In such cases, it's best to wait for a while and check back again later to see if the levels have been updated. It's also important to note that, since the slow down of server might lead to receiving wrong level information, so it's always recommended to cross-check the levels with other players or official site before reaching any conclusion. Please be patient as it is a common issue with popular games with many concurrent users and these delays are often temporary.

I can't able to invite friends to Project Makeover, request lives or share points

  1. In order to invite friends to play the Project Makeover game, you may need to sync the app with your contacts or social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. However, this process can sometimes be slow, as the app server needs to handle a large amount of data.
  2. If you experience this problem and it persists even after waiting, you may contact the developer of Project Makeover for further assistance. In your message, briefly describe the issue you are experiencing and include any relevant screenshots, this will allow the developer to understand and address your problem more quickly.

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I have a problem with Project Makeover!

Are you experiencing issues with the Project Makeover game or would you like to share some feedback? Please write your problem above and someone from our community may help you.

Project Makeover Developer Updates

Version 2.82.1 04 February 2024

We’re spreading the love! Ride along on a romantic carriage tour with our latest Timed Makeover Challenge, then get cozy by helping a chill streamer prepare for her face reveal. Need a treat? Fill up on sweet deals with our Valentine’s Day sale! -TIMED MAKEOVER: Let’s Buggy! -NEW MAKEOVER: Getting Cozy! -NEW SALE: Sweet Deals! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.78.1 13 December 2023

"Our latest Timed Makeover guest feels a little crumby. Get her ready for a sweet treat this holiday season! Then, take another guest for a turn and spin her sour notes around in our latest record-breaking episode. -TIMED MAKEOVER: Baked to Perfection! -NEW MAKEOVER: Pump Up the Jams! -NEW SEASON PASS: Monarch March! -NEW SALE: Holiday Cheer! -NEW FEATURE: Brand New Face! -60+ new levels!".

Version 2.74.2 16 October 2023

Help Drac party in the right era, then help Sophia reclaim her bedroom. Remember to celebrate the spooky season with a Kraken-inspired dress, and show it off to your friends, who you can find using their in-game ID! -TIMED MAKEOVER: Once Bitten! -NEW FEATURE: Friend Finder! -NEW MAKEOVER: Mastering the Bedroom! -NEW SALES: Beauty in the Deep! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.70.1 16 August 2023

Someone in the studio stole a priceless necklace! Put on your detective hat to catch the culprit before they ruin our guest’s party! If you’re in deep, why not dig a little deeper? Help out a Geologist whose health is a bit rocky. -TIMED MAKEOVER: Catch a Culprit! -NEW MAKEOVER: Rough Terrain! -NEW OBSTACLE: Reel It In! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.66.1 13 June 2023

Directors, we're excited to introduce new features for Pets and for Clique events, so come check them out! Need a shot of energy? We have a freshly-brewed makeover sure to wake you up! Help our latest guest get on the right grind in time for our bombastic new sale! -NEW MAKEOVER: Rise and Grind! -NEW SALES: Stars and Stripes! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.62.1 19 April 2023

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s new guest is an elegant patissier whose cakes are out of control. We’ve also got an old wizard who needs your makeover magic. Hurry before he vanishes! Come see our new episode panel and our new Director's Awards, too! -NEW FEATURE: Episode Panel and Awards! -NEW MAKEOVER: Half-Baked! -TIMED MAKEOVER: You’re a Wizard! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.58.1 22 February 2023

PROJECT MAKEOVER's next guest has a yurt that hurts. Can you make it a great place for travelers on the trail? Then stop and smell the flowers with our new event: Rose Bouquet! We've also got a new obstacle that will test your skills! -NEW MAKEOVER: Take a Rest! -NEW EVENT: Rose Bouquet! -NEW OBSTACLE: Makeup Brush! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.54.1 21 December 2022

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s new guest needs to get back on the dance floor. Did we mention she also needs a new dance floor? Then drop your teacups, because a Royal Carriage Ride awaits. This Season Pass offers exclusive avatar items and truly regal rewards! -NEW MAKEOVER: Get in Step! -NEW SEASON PASS: Royal Roll! -NEW SALE: New Year’s Here! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.49.1 10 October 2022

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s new guest is struggling to make “scents” of a natural disaster. Can you help a perfectionist perfumer recover? Plus, we've got a new Timed Makeover Challenge: It’ll take the whole team to decorate this house for Halloween! -NEW MAKEOVER: Fragrant Fashion! -TIMED MAKEOVER: Halloween Help! -NEW SALE: Haunted Haute! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.45.1 17 August 2022

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s new guest needs help getting his game in gear! Can you clear this game designer's bugs and break him out of his single-player mindset? Then, polish those matching skills with our brand new, clear-cut Crystal obstacle! -NEW MAKEOVER: Get Your Game On! -NEW OBSTACLE: Clear as Crystal! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.41.1 22 June 2022

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s newest guest is a music producer whose recording studio hasn’t seen a hit in decades. Can you give his style, and his studio, a modern remix? On the flipside, we’ve got challenging new levels and a new event, Creative Liberties! -NEW MAKEOVER: Turn the Tables! -NEW EVENT: Get creative, Star! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.36.1 20 April 2022

Rescue PROJECT MAKEOVER’s new guest before her restaurant is wrecked on the rocks! Can you steer her ashore? Come see our new sale, new events, a gorge new Avatar Room, and an appearance from our fave celebs… The Fab 5! -NEW MAKEOVER: Sea Side Story! -NEW EVENTS: Flowers and The Fab 5! -NEW AVATAR ROOM: Posh Patio! -NEW SALE: Mom’s Day! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.32.1 23 February 2022

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s new guest is the world’s biggest fan… of Greta Von Deta?! Free a delusional devotee from her toxic idol’s makeup mask. Explore the angles of our Geometry Week event, then enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day sale. Lucky you! -NEW MAKEOVER: Save a superfan! -NEW EVENT: Decor with edgy edges! -NEW SALE: Get posh on Saint Pat’s! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.27.2 10 December 2021

Help a soaked bride-to-be repair her wedding plans, then help Santa Claus recover his Christmas spirit in a special limited-time makeover! We’ve got new challenge events for avatar items and a sackful of goodies in our new season pass: a Christmas Sleigh Ride! -NEW MAKEOVERS: Two new guests! -NEW EVENTS: Xmas trees and “ugly” sweaters! -60+ new levels!.

Version 2.24.1 27 October 2021

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s newest guest needs a tag-team partner! Help a pro wrestler find her proper persona! We’ve got new levels and a limited-time chic Halloween Sponsorship event. Plus, don’t forget to perk up with our latest sale! -NEW MAKEOVER: Help slam with glam! -NEW EVENT: Spooky furniture sponsorship! -NEW SALE: Freshly-Brewed Sale! -NEW LEVELS!.

Version 2.19.1 18 August 2021

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s got two new guests! Help a coach bounce back onto the b-ball court, then guide a marine biologist through new waters. Rev up some big rewards with our new event, and mow down our new obstacle, the Weeds! -NEW MAKEOVERS: Slam dunks & sea life! -NEW EVENT: Coastal Inspiration Expedition! -NEW OBSTACLE: Don’t get lost in the Weeds! -NEW LEVELS!.

Version 2.15.2 23 June 2021

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest has traded life in the big city for new start in the sticks! Help this city slicker by building up her confidence, creating a comfortable space, and coordinating a style that’ll make her as happy as a pig in the mud. After all, this isn’t your first rodeo! -NEW MAKEOVER: Don’t get her knickers in a knot! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.11.2 29 April 2021

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest is out of this world! Hit the runway in our Fashion Show event, and enjoy a new obstacle, levels, and a special Mother’s Day Sale! -NEW MAKEOVER! -NEW FEATURE: How does your closet stack up? -NEW EVENT: Fashion Show event! -NEW OBSTACLE: Scented Candles! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.7.1 01 March 2021

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest is a blast from the past! Help her lose the gnarly nostalgic look and ensure her fashion future remains bright, but don’t have a cow at the new obstacles and levels! -NEW MAKEOVER: Get ready for big hair, bold makeup, loud colors, and legwarmers galore! -NEW OBSTACLE: Measure up to the tape measures! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.3.1 30 December 2020

PROJECT MAKEOVER strikes a chord with a shy client who dreams of pop stardom! Take on a brand new obstacle and new levels as you continue to show off your fashion skills. -NEW MAKEOVER: Hit a high note with “Face the Music” -NEW OBSTACLE: Stitch together buttons, but don’t get sewn up in the process! -60+ NEW Levels!.

Version 2.2.1 16 December 2020

PROJECT MAKEOVER goes back to the drawing board to give an artist a class on style! Enjoy a new obstacle, avatar items, and levels, more backstage drama, and a new event! -NEW MAKEOVER: “Blank Canvas” -NEW EVENT: Treasure Chests – Dec. 22-24 -NEW OBSTACLE: Don’t get blown over by fans! -MORE BACKSTAGE DRAMA! -NEW AVATAR ITEMS! -60+ NEW Levels! -Bug fixes!.

Version 2.1.2 07 December 2020

PROJECT MAKEOVER is making waves with a beach bunny in need of your fashion skills, plus there’s even more drama happening backstage! Grab new clothes and items for your avatar and dressing room, and tackle exciting new levels with fresh obstacles to overcome. -NEW MAKEOVER: Bring the coastal cool with “Beach Bummer!” -MORE DRAMA: There’s been a kidnapping! -NEW AVATAR FASHIONS AND ITEMS! -NEW OBSTACLES: Drive red convertibles, and blast the board with makeup palettes! -NEW Levels! -Bug fixes!.

Version 2.0.2 15 November 2020

The cameras are rolling once more on PROJECT MAKEOVER with new features for directors to enjoy! -NEW AVATAR ROOM FEATURES: Customize your dressing room with furniture and exciting new decorations to show off your unique style. -10 NEW LANGUAGES: We’ve added support for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, and Arabic! -Bug fixes! Thank you for playing!.

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Update your device software to the latest version, delete the app and redownload it from the app store. Your project makeover game progress will be retained as long as the device is connected to the internet. Also, ensure that your device meets the minimum system requirements.